Dear Diary…

So I’m starting a blog.

I’m not sure where its going yet, because I’m not really sure where I’m going yet.

I don’t know who will want to read it (I wouldn’t), and I’m cool with no one reading it. I just need a journal. Someplace to dump my thoughts and feelings because, let’s be real, my tumblr will never escape the black hole of reblogging photos of puppies and yoga poses that it has descended into.

So here I am. 22 years old. Living in Boston. Studying civil engineering. No idea what I want for the future. Running. Doing yoga. Eating too much Panera. Drinking too much beer and coffee. Constantly relating my life to tv shows. Not reading enough. Trying too hard (and on rare occasions succeeding) to be funny. Wanting to be Tina Fey, but generally coming off as more of a Tina Belcher (or Liz Lemon)

Anyway, enjoy! (whoever you are)



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