Triathlon Training!

I’m going to be running (doing? participating in? so hard to find a verb to encompass all that it entails) a sprint triathlon at the end of May. This is going to be my second ever triathlon.

The first one was a bit of a joke. I did it on a whim at the end of August because my sister had decided to do it and I can’t not do a race that she’s decided to do. I had begun training for a half marathon that I would be running in October so I was in okay shape, but I hadn’t been on a bike or in the pool in months.

I almost backed out at the last minute, but as my dad reminded me I would clearly survive it and even though it would probably be tough, I would regret not going through with it the second I saw my sister cross the finish line and I would be better for finishing this race. As usual, he was right.

So I did it. I borrowed my mom’s bike and her gross old bike shorts and had a hot, damp, sweaty, hilly, uncomfortable race. I almost gave up a couple of times on the bike and I came in pretty close to the end of the field. But I also loved it. There really is no feeling better than going into something unsure if you can do it, and making it through. And because there were only two people in my age group, I took home I pint glass from the awards ceremony.

So needless to say, I came out of that race a little bit addicted and have recently signed up for my next one.

Initially I was thinking I would just train casually for this one too, but my friend, who I’m secretly super competitive with (mostly just in my head) will be running it with me and I realized that I really would like to have at the very least a time that is comparable to hers. So yesterday we put together our training schedules, which start on Sunday and now I’m so ready to get started!


The mileages are super weird. I’s custom schedule creator and this is what it came up with. I think it gave me minutes and distances based on the paces I gave it, and I think the minutes were less weird than the mileage. 


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