Ordinary Good Days

I love the ordinary good days. The days where nothing crazy good happens, but I end it sitting in my bed happy, content and ready to sleep.

I took my time waking up this morning. I ate my breakfast in bed. I walked to work and stopped at a coffee shop I’d never been to before and got a delicious iced coffee. Work was stimulating, but I had some down time to read some good blogs. I ate salads for lunch and dinner. The train showed up right in time for the ride home. I went for a short run at a faster pace than I thought I was capable of these days. I discovered kombucha. I went to an engineers without borders meeting and wished my friends luck on their trip in two days. I got home and ate some chocolate and talked to my roommate. Now I’m sitting in my bed blogging for the first time in weeks.


Nothing crazy but I am full of contentment listening to this rain and watching Archer. 


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