Rachel Wiley – “10 Thoughts on Being Loved by a Skinny Boy”

How about instead of obsessing over that depressing and inaccurate monologue about being a fat girl from Louie, we listen to awesome shit like this instead.


Orange is the New Black

Its coming back!!

Okay I’m gonna gush over this show for a couple minutes.

I’m just amazed that, even though its 2014, that this show exists and has gained such critical and popular acclaim. Okay not amazed, because at this point so many more shows like this should exist, but like so refreshed at how amazing it is.

Obviously I love this show.

I’m just obsessed with how well it tells the stories of these women. Women of color and trans women and women of every possible sexual orientation, and just the fact that it centers around women in general, with only a couple men on the side is magnificent. God I just can’t explain my love for this.

Man if we keep going with shows along the lines of this and Broad City I will be one happy girl